Dear RAPSody riders: the organizers of RAPSody have decided to take a break this year and return to the event at a later date with new energy and ideas. There will be no organized RAPSody ride in 2014. The originally listed details of the 2013 ride appear below for reference.

Officially Designated Training Rides for
RAPSody 2013

- Mark Your Calendars -

Not everyone trains specifically for RAPSody, but people who want to enjoy the ride — and the hills — should build up to, at least, 50 mile days. We suggest adding some longer, hilly rides, too. In fact, following a training plan for a double century or STP might be a good idea. Do not forget that training is also for your butt, stomach (find out what foods and drink work for you), clothing, and equipment, not just your legs. Preparing everything before the ride will make it more enjoyable. One seemingly little annoyance with clothing, bike, or food can become unbearable and downright painful after 170 miles.

You do not need to do an organized ride to prepare for RAPSody but the rides below support the local bike clubs who sponsor RAPSody, as well as the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. Plus, event rides are lots of fun and a great way to explore a new area. Additional rides supporting the Bicycle Alliance are listed in their event calendar.

March 16th, Saturday, McClinchy Mile

April 14th, Sunday, 38th Daffodil Classic

May 6th, 2012, Sunday, May Day Metric

June 2nd, Sunday, Peninsula Metric Century

June 23rd, Sunday, Two-County Double Metric Century

July 29th, 2012, Sunday, Tour de Kitsap

September 2nd, Labor Day, Perimeter Ride of Seattle

September 8th, Sunday, Ride The South Sound

August 24th - 25th RAPSody 2013

Additional rides supporting the Bicycle Alliance